When to disable online dating profile

I'm to the point where if a guy is at the gym taking a selfie, I run away. We like you to have a good body, but you don't have to be wearing a Gold's Gym tank and pumping iron to prove it. Why is it that 99 percent of guys suddenly think about taking a selfie while in the driver's seat (or the passenger's seat, which may speak to whether they like to be in control or controlled)?I would much rather you keep your eyes on the road, mister.And their faces are always either gangsta or derpy (that's my kid's word for dumb).When I saw the first few photos of guys with dogs, I was all "aww." But then it became an epidemic. Yeah, that's a one-shot thing because if your photos show a lack of imagination (and reeks of creepy, narcissistic serial killer), we will be swiping left and moving on to the guy who actually put some effort into his photos.I've also seen guys use photos from their past that were completely inappropriate: the guy on his wedding day, dancing with his wife, and another guy mugging it up in a cemetery come to mind. I decided to have a little fun and take selfies in some of the poses I've seen men use, knowing full well if women did this, the entire online dating world would crumble.1.The Bathroom Selfie I'm not clear on why men suddenly remember that they need a profile pic when they're (hopefully) washing their hands in a public bathroom.His messages to me are so bad that they’re beyond illiterate — it’s almost as if this whole thing is some sort of joke. I don’t expect perfect grammar, but I do expect communication that doesn’t need to be deciphered before I can respond to it.

While I don’t expect you to share your income information or other information that you might consider a bit more private than you’re willing to share in a forum as public as a dating site, I do expect you to provide answers for fields such as your marital status, height, body type, education level, religion (or whether it matters), number of children (if not grown), and whether you smoke or do drugs. And no, visiting your kids in Spokane doesn’t count.

Maybe they're on a bad date from a dating site and they're ready to attract someone else. I just find the bathroom a dumb place to take a selfie.

Also, they tend to try to look like gangstas in the photo, which is always super-sexy to a woman.

Why would you leave out , and that’s only because you might have learned it from your daughter when she was 15. Inaccurate Profiles If anything you include in your profile is not true, you are a liar. That includes truth stretched beyond all recognition. Someone who really loves to travel takes at least a trip or two a year. A guy who really loves to work out at the gym wouldn’t look so dismal with his shirt off (see #5 above). Then what’s with that photo of you and your friends at the sports bar guzzling Bud Light? What do you think will happen when she discovers the truth?

While it’s true that people who are desperate enough for companionship will overlook lies about age, physical condition, hobbies, etc., are you one of them? And yes, passing off old photos as recent is lying. Saying that you’re looking for a beautiful or sexy woman Duh. But by saying that’s what you’re looking for — especially if you list that first or only list that — you’re telling me a few not-so-pleasant things about yourself: I actually saw a profile today where the only thing in the description was that he was looking for a beautiful, sexy woman.

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