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On the planetary sphere level, its match is naturally the Moon, while on the psychological level the wolfs connected to the impulsive and the unconscious.Seeing how the Moon in all of its phases (except of course the full Moon) is lame, its perfectly natural that a lunar animal would have these attributes (being lame, but also being emaciated and having a broken spine is often an attribute of the wolf in Serbian folklore).What does the white colour of Dabogs wolf actually symbolize?

There is another myth connected to the wolf, and this myth speaks of Dabog's voyage to the Underworld, and his marriage to Morana, the Slavic Goddess of death.Sreten Petrović connects the wolf particularly with the waning Moon, a period in which dark forces are at their peak.The mythical wolf kriveljan is also described as lame in Bulgarian and Russian folklore.Its very odd that a Wolfwhite wolf, considered an ancestor of a South Slavic people, namely the Serbs, has traits that are typical of the polar wolf.However, the white colour of the wolfs fur is connected to the chthonic aspect of Dabog, but also the chthonic aspect of the wolf itself.

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