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As a student of cultural studies, I was intellectually fascinated: The philosopher Jean Baudrillard portentously wrote in 1986 that “everything is destined to reappear as a simulation”—even the events of your own life.But emotionally, I didn’t know how to confront my own repackaged image, or how to distinguish where I ended and a larger media agenda began.* * *My confusion was further amplified by the fact that this was a love story.Following the media firestorm, which for some in China pointed to the encroachment of Western materialism and “the degradation of Chinese social values,” the state-controlled TV network began censoring the show.Since then, Wang told the It would be easy for me to assume that the story of my relationship was completely subsumed by the larger cultural narratives at play—that it was serving a television show’s ideological ends that have nothing to do with me personally.It’s not worth worrying and trying to “set the record straight,” if I even believed such a thing were possible. What really bothered me was that, despite my attempts to rationalize it otherwise, this wasn’t an unrecognizable version of myself.But as my embarrassment diminished at being broadcast to millions wearing a less-than-flattering hat, I still couldn’t shake the feeling of uncanniness. I am, after all, an American woman with American values.For more than a decade now, reality dating shows like franchise, which refers to its fans as “Bachelor Nation,” encompasses some of the longest-running U. dating shows and has consistently produced some of the most-watched television across female viewers of all ages..The show isn’t serialized, but instead features multiple bachelors per 90-minute episode.

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I indulge and imagine myself as literary and cultured and try to project these things to others.He also participated in the show’s “love resume” segment, where our relationship rehash came in.I was one of two ex-girlfriends portrayed by the same actress—who also portrayed David’s future ideal partner—all of us wearing different hats and subject to the same nauseatingly saccharine piano music.Then, last winter, my college ex-boyfriend, David, appeared as a contestant on a popular Chinese dating show called He’s been living in Beijing for the past six years, having moved there the summer after our college graduation and our break-up.We keep in occasional contact, so I knew David had already been on TV a couple times before.

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