Singles important to meet people dating

Being gay in Raleigh when I was in my 20s, it was more of a taboo scene. The city is welcoming, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet people.Now my goals are completely different; I’m not just looking for someone that is attractive.Men, like myself, are concentrated on their career.They want to have a stable foundation to be able to support their family and their significant other emotionally.Fifty-plus is a great age; however, Raleigh is not ideal for mature singles.It is much more family orientated without a sophisticated cosmopolitan center.

Dating in your 30s is totally different; you meet people differently.I would much rather meet a person in person than online.I understand time constraints but you can build more of a relationship in person. In this technical climate, everything comes quickly.Clearly, when it comes to dating, this city needs a little help.“It’s more difficult here,” says dating coach Alma Rubenstein, who moved to Raleigh three years ago after helping singles find love in Los Angeles and Seattle. There’s not a lot of support systems for single folks.”According to Rubenstein, many singles also have forgotten how to flirt, which makes it hard to meet someone new and exchange information.

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