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amd1, alat2, Ta’awwuz3 and Tasmiyyah4 (by reading the Arabic lines given at the top of this page you will beacting on all these four intentions).5.

I will read this book from beginning to end for the pleasure of Allah  .6-7. (Whilst reading the book) Whenever I read the name of Allah, I will say #:; # 41.

One should makeas many of them as are conveniently possible for him. seek the blessings of the company of the Muslims,33.

It should also be noted that the listof these examples is by no means exhaustive, and those who are familiar with the knowledgeof intentions can make many other good intentions using the below-given list as a guide. please others by offering them different items such as water, squash, pieces of meatetc. (Putting food into someone’s plate without his consent is contraryto manners as he may not desire that thing at that time).34.

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Islamic Manners of Eating 4Remember the fact that reward is given only for the act carried out for the pleasure of Allah  . pick up and eat the grains of food if fall on the dining-mat.22. not get up unnecessarily unless the dining-mat has been removed (as it is also a Sunnah).29.However, on the Day of Judgement, there will beaccountability even for Mubaacts as the Prophet of mankind, the Peace of our heart andmind, the most Generous and Kind  $ 136. A saint has stated that he would like to make a(good) intention before every act including eating, drinking, sleeping and even going tothe lavatory. In fact, just verbalutterance without the willingness of the heart will not be valid and reward will not begiven. are served.2 Veil within veil is the translation of the Urdu term ‘Parday mayn Pardah’ used in the Madani environment of Dawat-e-Islami. Manners of Eating 7More intentions whilst eating with others I will31.() Shas stated, #4 EQ %  /  R4E ‘There is accountability for its alal and torment for its aram.’ (Firdaus - bima Šaur-ul-Khaab,vol. Here are 43 intentions that can be made at the time of consuming food. It refers to the act of wrapping an extra shawl around dress from navel to knees.[Translator’s Note] 150. not begin eating before an Islamic scholar or a saint, if they are present at thedining-mat,32.On the other hand, if an act is carried out for ostentation it will engender sin.If some act is performed without any intention, it will bring about neither reward norsin, provided that the act is itself Muba(i.e. For example, if one makes nointention before consuming something 131. ()has stated, ‘A Muslim’s intention is better than hisdeeds.’ (Mu’jam Kabir, vol. 185,adiš 5942) Intention implies the willingness of the hearttowards an act. travel with a Madani Qafilah in order to learn Sunnah,8. alal sustenance to meet my needs.(These intentions will be beneficial only when one consumes food less than hisappetite. observe veil within veil2 (with the kurta or the shawl).14. break every morsel of the bread above the container of curry (so that every breadcrumb falls into the container).23. (after eating, I will) recite Masnun Du’as along with alat-‘Alan-Nabi once beforeand after the Du’as.30.alal like ice cream, dessert or bread it will bringabout neither reward nor sin. ()has stated, ‘Without doubt, on the Day of Judgement,one will be questioned about every act even about the use of kohl in his eyes.’ ( ilyat-ul-Auliya, vol. 31,adiš 14404) Therefore, it is better and safer to make good intentionsbefore carrying out any Mubaact. It is not necessary to utter the words of the intention. partake in the area-visit to call people towards righteousness,9. Conversely, excessive eating only engenders laziness in worship, inclinationtowards sin, stomach ailments and disorders).[I will]11. sit according to Sunnah.1 A piece of cloth etc., spread on the ground, on which food, drinks etc. pick my teeth.1 Pour some water into the plate so that you can easily remove the particles of food that have clung to the plate.[Translator’s Note] 151.

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