Paul and hannah s club 7 dating

To raise the money, he tries to sell the statue, which crumbles around him.Wanting to take a day off, S Club 7 borrow Howard's boat and take a cruise back to the 1970s.They learn to deal with the culture shock of being in a new country and eventually enjoy and somewhat become accustomed to what America has to offer.The gang are demoralised by bad management and a lack of decent gigs.Meanwhile, The boys and Hannah decide to set their boss's pet alligator, Clint, free. Marvin explains to them that he's a homing (domesticated but allowed some freedom) alligator.Howard's date is a disaster - his dinner partner, Arlene, has no fashion sense.Unfortunately, Paul becomes extremely bossy and forces the group to wear grass skirts.As the storm rages, the gang discover Howard has taken shelter in the basement, and persuade him that the hurricane has passed.

Howard loses S Club, in a card game, to his cousin Hank, who runs the nearby Sunset Sands Hotel, which seems to resemble what their agent in England promised them.

Howard erects a sculpture of himself outside S Club's dormitories and gets into trouble with Raylan Crowe from the Department of Labour for employing foreigners at the hotel.

In court, the band persuades the judge to let them stay by performing, whilst Howard is fined ,000.

When Howard does ask the group to sing, his choice of song is not from their original songs and is not their musical style.

The group persuades Howard to pay them decent wages and sell them his spare car, which promptly breaks down.

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