Funny dating anniversary sayings

You may think that planning a wedding with 500 guests is already hard enough.

The longer you stay married, the more things you will find to fight about.

Without a wife’s loving guidance, husbands will be wearing sloppy clothes and ugly hair. And give them what they want without making too much fuss about it. It’s like you get turned on every time I start to get irritated.

They will be living in messy and smelly homes with nothing in the fridge but microwaveable food. Sometimes you will just wake up and wonder where all the years have gone and how you managed to stay together. Sometimes you take the advice of other couples who have been married longer than you. Well, I still love you, and we can spend the rest of our lives annoying each other! Once you’re married, you will finally see the other side of your partner that you have not seen while you were still dating.

Husbands — either you love them or you want to bang their heads with something hard so that they will see sense.

Marriage is a never-ending series of forgiving, understanding, accommodating, being patient, and believing in the strengths of your partner.

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