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She walked the man around her house, her bodyguard and assistant followed closely, and she explained various things to him while indirectly warning/threatening him; and he clearly understood the veiled threats/warnings realizing how much danger that he and anyone he cared about were in, and he realized that he was defeated and he surrendered in fear.

They met at a nice small area with green grass, maybe some flowers, some trees, a wooden bridge that you had to cross to reach the land, benches, walking/jogging/bicycle trails, et cetera that was near water and a small dock with a nice modern somewhat Mediterranean-style one-story house that was not too far from this area.

The AOSIS briefing linked and described here was clear about 350 ppm as a death sentence. Calling me irresponsible for reporting relevant information is exactly the response I’ve come to expect from people who are neck-deep in denial.

Such comments remind me of a prescient line from George Orwell: “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” Reality is finally catching up to my decade-old prediction about human extinction.

I’m guessing they’re lying because surely they know about these two tidbits: 1.

Only complete economic collapse prevents runaway greenhouse, as pointed out indicated Earth’s atmosphere will not experience carbon dioxide levels below the current level for at least the next thousand years.

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