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While first dates can often feel stuffy and cold, as you sit in dark cocktail bars where drinks are so expensive you have to focus all your energy on enjoying each high-concept droplet, this date felt low-pressure, fun and relaxed.

I got the sense we would have had just as good a time at Popeye’s, and maybe that’s the secret—finding someone who is open to reimagining the first date as something more inclusive, and by “inclusive” here I mean fried-chicken-adjacent. After our meal, we made plans to hang out again—the decision was unanimous.

Keep hand cream in your gym bag or in your car for easy access and a higher probability that you’ll you know, actually use it.

Is it hard to focus on what you’re saying because your outfit has three plaids in four bright colors? Respecting yourself enough to make an effort makes for a great first impression. Above all else, though, be confident and ask questions. Oh – and if you’re worried about having to feign a bit of confidence to overcome nerves, I’ll lend you the trick that my mom More than the watch you don for special occasions or even the car you pull up in, we’re looking down at your shoes.I can promise you that I’ve never discounted a guy for rocking a weekender watch and more so, I’ve definitely never been starry-eyed over a d-bag because he’s flashing a Rolex. If your worn-down shoes are clinging for dear life, we’ll wonder why you don’t take pride in your appearance. Conversely, thoughtful shoe selection is usually the first thing I throw compliments towards. Sneakers don’t belong at a candlelit restaurant just as much as square toed dress shoes don’t belong anywhere. In the six seconds it took to greet one another, you’ve both just formed a first impression of the other person. There are even a few places women’s eyes (and other senses) graze when we first meet you.Just the other day I stood near a woman doused in a fragrance that immediately reminded me of my fifth grade teacher and a flood of nostalgia (read: nightmares) for her pop geography quizzes.

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