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How did they move these huge volcanic blocks from Rano Raraku quarries to sacred sites?

Then, wacky theories appeared: aliens, Inca achievement…

The British Empire soon annexes whole India, focused on the economic potential of Kerala. Rich in long beaches with palm trees, in channels (backwaters) invaded of boat-houses where fishermen live, Kerala hides another treasure: the chain of Ghâts which peaks at 2 695 meters.

Eucalyptus forests abound in precious botanical species and valleys are cultivated for a long time already.

In the 19th century, Peruvians reduce them to slavery and banish the elders.Scientists think about moves on tracks made of round woods but this approach still raises discrepancies.And the legend says that Moai were walking on their own… The way they have been moved might explain forests destruction.In fact, its first inhabitants, the Rapanui (or Pascua in Spanish) were living there for thousand years, probably came from Marquesas Islands and Tuamotu.Serious studies confirmed their Polynesian origins, though the nearest settled land is 2,000 km away.

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