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Whether you are a seasoned programmer or are just getting started with your tech career, I’m sure you have something to learn from her story and what she had built.If you’ve ever traveled to Tokyo, Japan, you should’ve noticed that every major station has a giant shopping mall directly next to it.

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She recently gave a technical talk about her little web app, which constantly monitors your face using a webcam and does some cute things, such as showing a notification from a hot Japanese actor when you smile.

She wrote the backend in and utilized Google’s Cloud Vision API and Milkcocoa (a realtime datastore service).

So she took a time off and somehow ended up in Denmark, where she attended Folkehøjskole, Danish institutions for adult education. She played with an idea of pursuing a different career and a job that lets her work more flexibly. A job that lets her work remotely while living abroad would be nice, she thought.

Kayoko eventually quit her apparel job, and in 2014 she attended a programming bootcamp held at a beach town in Cebu, Philippines.

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